Panda (Classic) Pickle the Panda.


May I introduce my latest Panda, Pickle.

You may have seen him recently in the classifieds. He'd been sat in Matt's ( Matchbox) front garden for the last several months, but a new arrival prompted Matt to sell.

It's a 1995 1000clx with 42,000 miles on the clock. I'm sure Matt won't mind if I say it's currently a little scruffy. There is also no tax or mot left on him so this will have to be attended to.
I was attracted to Pickle simply because he looked to be a very nice late Panda under the surface. Matt had assured me that the only area of rust was on the bottom of the passenger door, and that the seats were in great condition. After checking around today I can confirm that Matt was dead right (y), the underneath is muddy, very muddy, but totally rust free.
Pickle also comes with a good service history, in fact he's the first Panda I've owned that still has it's handbook AND service book!

So the plan is to get him through the mot and give him a really good clean up, then see what we have. As he stands he looks very dull to my eyes, and I don't mean the faded paint, so all I want to do is throw alloy wheels and viper stripes at him :p. But I will resist until I have made him as nice and original as I possibly can, who knows, I may want to leave him just like that.

You know this idea of giving your car a name as if it were a person really didn't appeal to me at first, but now I try to do it if I can, it really helps to create the enthusiasm needed to look after it properly.
Pickle, by the way, was already named by Matt in view of his reg. no., I quite like it so the name will remain stuck.

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