Panda 2012+ Buzz our Panda Cross.


Starting this thread for Panda Mo as it will be more her car than mine, but she's not too well at the moment and wasn't able to pick up Buzz from the dealer today herself. Hopefully it won't be long before she's behind the wheel though, I know she can't wait!

I went to collect Buzz this afternoon in our Mk1 Panda 45 as most of the salesmen are a similar age to me and like to see the old stuff we have. Plus it was a good photo opportunity to have first and last Pandas together.

Buzz is a twinair. We've added the following options......

Reversing sensors.
Winter pack - Heated seats, windscreen and mirrors.
Passenger seat table.
Tropicalia yellow paintwork.

First trip was back to the workshop to fit some sill protectors......

It was very dark by now so no more pics until tomorrow.

Then it was another twenty miles home. First impressions are great. It seems more refined than I remember from the test drive in the demo, maybe we hit some bad surfaces that day.

Average mpg so far is 38, that's not bad considering I wasn't trying. To be honest if I'm driving I will rarely be trying, and the eco mode will definitely be off. So too will the stop start function :yuck:

I've found Buzz to be a lovely car to be in so far, good quality ride with a commanding driving position for a small car (should suit Barbara well). I like the twin air engine, great all round performance for such a small one, but I'm not sure I'll ever grow to like the 'comb and paper' noise it makes.

Looking forward to the next drive though. :D

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