500 (Classic) 1961 Fiat 500d bare metal restoration + 650 motor


Hey everyone, I'd like to share the restoration of Kate's 1961 Fiat 500d with you guys. This is a big one! 650 motor with race girdle, comp lubrication and high compression internals, full length roll-top, period rally essentials and more. She's been kind enough to let us film the build for a new youtube channel (OperationResto) for publication in 2013 - hopefully.

I'll get into more detail, and share some of the harrowing back story (2 year battle, plus great Canberra fire) later on. PS, If I don't post every fortnight, it's only because we're flat out filming or editing. Also, I'll let you all know when we start uploading content to youtube, so if you want to subscribe to that, you can.

Let's start with a trip to the Acid Dippers at ReadiStrip, Blacktown:

And then off to David Taylor's in Orange:

Please comment or ask questions and I'll try to help you with your own builds etc. -


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