YEAY!!! Its snowing!!

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YEAY!!! Its snowing!!


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Oct 22, 2004
Sunderland and LakeDistri
In sunderland, really being going hard for the last 10minutes or so, seems to be lying too, but need it to be thicker for it to lye properly.

great, now its stopped.

snowing anywhere else?
Snowed on and off in Wiltshire yesterday. Didn't stay around more than 5 mins at a time though
Fooking sun is blazing out in bolton!

Was nearly warm enough to take mt fleece off :D
was snowing in south west Wales, had a bit of fun in the carparks after work last night :D, been sunny today with a bit of snow though =/
was snowing when i was on way to work this morning, took photo on way here;


hopefully it will still be there when i get home.

-west, co. durham.
That looks like a fun road :) bet its also one of them roads that when night falls.. you can't see fook all, am I right?

I'd better be I don't see any street lamps :p
its a very fun road especially on a summers day, but i think i prefer it in the snow. took this photo yesterday - only prob is that the stilo doesnt like the snow and ice especially when i had the space saver spare wheel on. lol.


its one of those roads where its pitch black on a night but you can see around most of the corners to see if anythings coming so can do daft speeds on.
Reminds me of the streets in Kent, those are fun, play silly games like Turn off your head lamps and see which one of the passengers screams first :D

Make sure there aren't no other cars around though..... and don't try it on corners :p
black seicento said:
Its bright sunshine here in Sheff! blue skies and everything, but it is cold
did a delivery in sheff looked nice from inside the cab jumped out and within a couple of minutes my fingers were numb (n)
It was coming down very heavily this morning and we had a couple of heavy bursts this afty and now its all but gone :slayer:
yup, tis snowing here too :D


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had a mini blizzard about 3hours ago, was absolutly belting it down, couldn't see from one side of the car park to the other here in sunderland.

Then within 30minutes all the snow on the roads had gone to water adn there is quite a bit of snow still on the roofs and cars and grassy bits.

outside temp now is 0.8celsius and clear wide skies so I reckon its gonna freeze hard tonight and maybe snow again tommorrow