Technical wiper fault

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Technical wiper fault

Jan 28, 2006
hi wipers wont always return to park position on either intermittent or continous mode also wont always come straight on when switched on then may run then stop for few secs then start tryed changing the t12 relay but same prob how many relays run wipers or is it new wiper motor?
The way it works is that power is always supplied to the wiper motor and the wiper motor keeps going until the park switch ( a microswitch in the wiper motor itself usually) chops the power.

If your wipers aren't making it to the park switch position then something's up with the power or earth connections. As they don't come on consistently either when switched on then I'd check the wiper motor has a good line to earth and then check the power feed from the switch for poor contact

Possible motor seizing or wiper motor brush failure but they do tend to last a long time these days without problems of that kind

Go for the easy stuff first, check the power supply and a good earth at the motor
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With ignition on

With ignition on, even with the wiper switch in the off position, the motor is still supplied with power until it reaches the park position where a parkswitch chops the power

The permanently live fast power feed is usually a green wire at the wiper motor
but there's also
green/yellow =intermittent
green/black = slow speed

How many miles on car?
Does the motor sound ok when running?
Does it slow down mid stroke?

If you disconnect the wiper motor wiring connector and then stick 12v on each of the lines each in turn (apart from the earth obviously) then you'll be able to test if the fault is at the motor or in the supply. If you do, then keep your fingers out of the way of the linkage as it's quite a powerful motor. Beware of the intermittent!
"It's not working.....yow!":eek:

You've been warned!;)
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hi again just disconnected plug to wiper motor put tester on plug switched ind on to slow speed and power to tester but power comes and goes intermittantly same on fast so looks like wiper motor ok noticed clicking noise from coloum by switch at same time power comes on/off where are relays positioned around car tryed the t12 relay in fuse box by pedals anyother advice thanks
Going into uncharted territory for me but obviously you should be getting continuous power on the fast speed setting so something's up with the power supply to the motor

The intermittent timings and rear wiper timer is all in a module within the wiper switch itself I believe so everything is coming from the switch

Are you able to get to the switch connections? Might just be poor contact at the switch electrical connector


The pinout for the connector is

What Stilo model do you have?
Do you have rain sensitive wipers? as models vary

You say the wipers won't return to the park position but what happens when you turn the wipers off? Do they just stop where they are? Do they almost get to the park position but stop prematurely? Or do they carry on for ever?
Any problems with rear wiper?
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"when ign is switched off they just stop"
All cars do that, did you mean when you turn the wiper switch off they just stop?

With ignition on and wiper switch in the off position then power should still be coming down the fast wipe cable to power the wipers to the park posiiton. Then the park switch, within the wiper motor should cut the power.

If there's no power (or intermittent) being supplied to the motor when in the fast wipe position then the fault is in the switch, connectors or wiring. If steady power is being supplied then the park switch might be faulty.

Sorry just talking generally here

How about the flick wipe because that uses the fast wipe cable line? Does it park properly after using that or is that the same?
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hi when you select any position on stalk the wipers will not always come straight on,and when i had tester on block connecter the power was coming and going on all positions with a clicking sound from coloum ,when you return stalk to off position or switch ign off the wipers should finish there cycle and return to park this is not the case they will run then stop where they want thanks
Sure sounds like a relay problem or intermittent power to the relay

Here's the Stilo wiring diag
The wiper motor is N15 the washer is N22

Looks like the relay is part of the wiper switch
Look for pins 7,8 and 9 here and you'll see the relay in the wiring diag

Cable marked B is the fast feed line to the wiper motor. That should have power on all the time with the ignition on

pins 10 and 12 are the washer cables

Sorry can't help you much further- it's seems like it's wires to the switch or the switch assembly itself at fault which contains the relay
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we also have a jtd active stilo i have swapped the t12 relay with mine and no joy which should eliminate relay unless there is more than 1 relay does any one know if more than 1 relay thanks
I had a problem of the front wipers moving slowley upwards then back down (took about 2 minutes per cycle), and the rear one waving like the one in the renault ad (where the cars a dog-ironic really!)

Turned out to be a bad earth on the front drivers headlight causing the problem.

The problem may not be on the wipers themselves.

For me to find that would have taken god knows how long, but the dealer had it found and fixed in less than half an hour
hi today stripped down coloum dissconnected block connecters and connected new coloum switch from breakers switched wipers on fault still there? any other ideas guys is their any other relays anywhere on car ? getting frustrated now?:bang: :bang: :bang: