Who is this comedian??

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Who is this comedian??

Apr 21, 2003
This will be a difficult one I think.

A scottish bloke, slightly asian looking I believe. On new years eve on a sky channel at about 10:45 onwards. He made the following joke:

"Some people confuse me for being Irish, I have no idea why, I am obviously Scottish and this is how Scots speak, if I was Irish I would saying "tidly-de-pop, potato"" and then went on to take the **** out of French breakfast food.

I found him hilarious and lighthearted but have no idea who it was :( It was shown after Rob Brydon (who was at the Cardiff Millenium arena I think), hope somebody can help!

I was in the local, and around that time, arguing with an Irishman about religion :D
Not everybody is boring and just liked to make themselves sick :) Some might know what I am on about...
This guy? I've seen him around on sky,
Bruce Fummey
No, should have said, this guy must have been late 20s and average size and build, average hair etc.

But thanks for trying!
Now time to be sad :( I expected somebody that funny (IMO) to have a DVD or two out but can't find anything :( So now my fortune of finding somebody I thought was hilarious is wasted since he won't cash in on his efforts!
At least you have a name to look out for now, according to his promo site 2006 is going to be a big year for him, but I expect they say that annualy around this time. good luck with the hunt for his stuff :)
Wow, looks like magical trevor really is everso clever.

I stayed in on new year's too - just another night and not one I want to spend getting wasted in a club costing £££££s - and nothing worse than a killer hangover to start the new year!!!
We went "out" hence why I couldn't watch the rest of his act :( I would have been happy to stay watching it lol. But only went to my gf's friend's house for a couple of ours. Not a fan of new years, not quite sure why people go so overboard on it, but hey ho :)
I went out- started drinking at 6.30pm and stopped at 3am. was still pissed the next day!!!

one of my mates started drinking at 2pm and stopped at 7am which is rather good going- he was still ill on tuesday though, the big girl!