General Which company's fit 1242 into Sei?

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General Which company's fit 1242 into Sei?


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Mar 1, 2006
Hi all,

I've had an Sei Sporting for 5 years now and I'm thinking of changing. I'm not fussed what I get as long as it's sporty.

On the other hand I've been wanting to fit either a turbo or a preformance modified 1242cc into the Sei, I hear the turbo can be ropey though.

There used to be a garage in north London called UAD Motorsport who advertised such work but it looks like they might be out of business now?

I live just south of Cambridge and have money to get the work done but, does anyone know anywhere who would take a standard 1.1 sporting and fit the engine, exaust, breaks etc in one go and give good aftersales service like a re-map after 6 months or so?

Thanks all,

Geez guys!

That's 2 fast answers! Just checking on GSR now...

I'll let you know how it goes...

GhostWKD said:
other option is wolf direct racing who UAD renamed to, but UAD stuff was always under fire from one direction or another (long story)

Theres more to it than that I think. But yes WDR / UAD are always under constant flak
Hey you guys...

Thanks for all the replies.

arseofbox: I know this is alot of work that's why I would rather get someone to do it for me who'll offer a resonable after fitting service / semi warranty...

I've sent Oldschool a message and I'll speak to wolf direct racing / UAD and see what they say anyway, always good for comparison.