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General Where is the oil filter


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Oct 8, 2007
Had look at a couple of posts regarding the above still confused,is it under engine cover or cylindrical metal cover to the right of the yellow cap,forgot to mention 1.3 multijet engine, any pictures much apprciated.:bang:
Yep, same question for 1.2 petrol. I'd like to be able to check if they changed it at the dealer when they are changing the oil.
1.2 oil filter is on the front of the engine, very low down so that you will only see it from underneath the car. In addition, it is a relatively small filter and is black, making it even harder to spot. On my 4x4 it can only be seen if the sump guard is removed but other models do not have this in the way.
Thanks, so it should be dirty, and I can check if they fitted a new one (it should be clean). And if they removed the oil filter, they surelly changed the oil too.
Don't get too paranoid about dealers. I've never come across one these days that charges for oil and filter change and fails to do it. It's just not worth them doing so, losing their reputation and fighting any subsequent legal action.