WHEEL SPACING....yay or nay? what do you think?

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WHEEL SPACING....yay or nay? what do you think?


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Sep 15, 2006
I have a 51' punto sporting and I'm considering spacing the alloys

any ideas on how much to space them and any problems this may create?
also your opinions on wheel spacing in general.

cheers, max.
using a proper set of hubcentric spacers/adapters is fine! just round discs with holes is not in my opinion, and many others too!

good luck!
well i dont really like how they sit slightly inside the arches, id prefer it if the were closer to flush with the bodywork vertically if you understand me, it would only take a small spacer to do it. im not looking for the wheels to be spilling out of the arches or anything like that.
okay, so you need to measure from where the wheel IS and then how far out you want them in mm - then you know what size spacers you need, and how much it will cost.
yeah i was planning on getting hubcentrics aswell, my main concern was that by spacing the wheels i might throw the handling out even if i was only spacing them a small amount. could this happen?
By fitting spacers you increase the overall track of the car and it should improve handling if anything.
ah brilliant, cheers for the advice. i shall post some before and afters sometime soon.

thanks again, max.