Whatever happened to "dweebs" and "nerds"?

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Whatever happened to "dweebs" and "nerds"?

I expect somebody found out that they had more sugar per square mm that the purest possible compressed glucose ;)
I recall a scare with glass chunks found in the packets - they seemed to thin out after that.

My fave named sweets were from a corner shop on Queen's Road, Crewe - called Nads, with the strapline - "get yer hands off my nads"
I used to consume loads of Nerds, and Runts, and Atomic Fireballs (think you can still get Atomic Fireballs!) :yum: Neon Nerds were quality too!
arc said:
you can buy them in a shop in Chester called "Sweats from Heaven" (i think) 80p a pack, had some yesterday :D They sell mountain dew too :D

u mean sweets arc?

dont care if it is from heaven i dont want anyones sweat. :D

there is one of those in bluewater, they sell all the american stuff, i actually have to go back to stock up on the god like substance that is mountain dew :worship:
I have never tried mountain dew, what is it? And what is gatorade because according to most american people on mtv cribs "you just gotsta have the gatorade"