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Styling Well its arrived

May 1, 2004
Nr Maidstone, Kent
Just got to get it all fitted an sprayed now!


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At last matt stage [1] now have you done any phoneing around for fitting and spraying (y) or (n) and is that the ICC/Reiger kit :)
Done a bit of phoning around, not got any accurate quotes yet as ive either emailed them pics of the kit (waiting to hear back) or ive got to go show them a part of the kit so they can see quality before they commit to a price (job for tomorrow) Its actually the Merkur stuff, but i think its the same as the ICC stuff..........oh apart from the spoiler thats ms design.

Thing i didnt realise was the new front bumper replaces the whole grille surround and gives me a mesh top grille, so my debadged mattig grille will be up for sale on the cheap soon
Just as well you unpacked it remembering what I said about transit damage :eek: gave you the perfik chance to check for damage (y) when mine came all the kit was in one big long box and boy was it battered I said there and then hang on Mate Ime going to check for any damage and he agreed couldnt believe it :D cos they normaly want to drop and run :rolleyes: and funny you should say about your grill as soon as I saw the new front i said to my self that the old grill is history but you will sell it mo probs (y)
I must admit there is a small chunk out of the rear bumper, but for the hassle it would be to get it changed it'll be just as easy to get it filled and smoothed, especailly as im gonn have the towing eye hole smoothed aswell. Still going to phone them tomorrow to see if they'll give me any money back as a good will gesture to pay to fix it

I hope i can sell the grille, its not even a year old!
There was also a small piece of damage [which the factory had filled]on the lester rear skirt but thats nowt to worry about cos when your body shop gets started on your kit they will not half give it a good rub down ;)