video taken inside cylinder

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video taken inside cylinder

I love that vid.
Here's a link to the same vid but you can use it as a screensaver.

The music becomes annoying after a while but it's fantastic how it shows the way the engine works. My lads were absolutely fascinated by it & wanted it on their computers. I had to sit there telling them what each piece was - trouble was, I was having senior moments (couldn't remember basic names like the collets on the valves etc :eek: )

The original link I had no longer works but you can google 'deutz engine' to find other links to this great screensaver. One worth grabbing & storing somewhere else in case it goes?

And a couple of other (similar) great engine screensavers ...
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haha i found myself trying to name the bits as they went together. Mostly succesful, apart from thing slike "ermm, the bits on top of the valves that get pushed by the cam" and that.