any good chinese video cameras

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any good chinese video cameras


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Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
I film video clips at oval racing events, I have been using a few years old LG phone, the viewers are happy with it if they see themselves racing, I wanted to do a bit better so upgraded to my other halfs old phone a Nokia5, better camera on it but footage doesnt seem as good.

money is tight, I need a video camera that is cheap, so looking at chinese. It must record to MP4 format. and have a bit of zoom function

I also film ships, I have two youtube channels:

EMsport, this is my oval racing channel: this has lots of views and over 600 videos.

My own channel, mainly ships but some model making as well as the odd engine videos: not many videos and not many views but I like doing them.

I did look at bridge camera, too big really for what I need.

must be easy to use

When you say money is tight it might be better to set a budget you have in mind.

I use loads of different cameras on my YouTube channels. I have used my old iPhone 6s and that produces good video and can be bought cheaply, now I have an iPhone 11 which has a very good camera. I’ve used a few different olympus mirrorless cameras, one you can get very cheap on eBay is an olympus epl1 but then any of the older Olympus EPL cameras can be quite cheap, these days I use a EM5 mk2 which can be bought for ~£300

I have an older go pro that I can stick to cars and attach all over the place with various clips, old go pros are ten a penny these days.

My newest and favorite little camera is a DJI Osmo pocket which you can easily hold it has a 3 access gimbal for stabilisation and the quality of the video is amazing, no zoom buy you can zoom if needed when editing.
Sony NEX mirrorless reflex cameras are limited only by whatever lens you use. I have an NEX 7 used mostly for stills but it takes great videos of my kids at sporting events. That reminds me, I do need to get a bigger SSD for the upcoming rugby season.

Checking prices on eBay they are still not cheap, but this could turn out to be a bargain.
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I have just bought a modern camcorder, a Panasonic HX-DC10

was brand new in box [well, used once, the guy just videoed his gutters with it, and that was it!]

the reviews were quite good on it

was just £20 locally with a 32gb sd card included. its spot on for my needs