Technical URGENT : marea weekender dash display problem

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Technical URGENT : marea weekender dash display problem


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Jan 12, 2004
1998 maria weekender elx 1.8 petrol. Digital mileometer display died, looked here for possible solutions and the cocensus seemed to be a dead bulb, took it to local fiat dealer (reg vardy) who replaced the bulb (£50.00 - £25 discount as they owed me some from last year) then they tell me it wasnt the bulb but the display screen itself but they couldnt just repair the display but had to renew the FULL dashboard circuit, cost : £520.00 after vat and labour added, a little bit pricey for whats essentially a 50 p display unit, anyone any idea if it can be replaced on its own or would I need to get the full console as everything else on it works fine. Any idea of the part numbers for a) the display and b) the full unit ?