General UK LAUNCH OF 500: Facts or rumours....what,when,how much

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General UK LAUNCH OF 500: Facts or rumours....what,when,how much


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Jul 9, 2007
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Any information on the UK launch of the Fiat 500?
If so, let's be having it.

What do we get at launch, when do we get it
1.3 and 1.4 only at launch?

Facts prefered, rumours accepted, heresay if necessary, and copies of what other 500 sites are saying most welcome too.
Put what info you have on this thread
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This is an email I received from Stoneacre Fiat regarding the 500 launch:

"Fiat are currently taking deposits of £500. What happens then is your car will go to the front of the queue in the production line. All dealers have two on order for demonstration cars the people who leave deposits will be next to get there's..."

just go to date is on the white sheet covered 500.dalt...:confused:
Am I the only person who cannot find this ?

Why could you not post the date here ?

Meanwhile on the Fiat news pages it now says :

The Fiat 500 range goes on sale throughout the UK with a choice of petrol and diesel engines and three trim levels, in January 2008.
Press Release
17 October 2007

Which could be taken as backing up suggestions that the apparently most desirable 1.2 is not coming at least initally

In France there are suggestions of a EUR 200 / £ 150 price rise next month

And for some reason I have Feb 08 2008 in my diary as a possible launch date
The Fiat 500 under the white sheet disappeared from the fiat website and Fiat customer services, marketing, public relations and media peeps in Italy and England have been unwilling or unable to give any info, even this most basic stuff.

It's not just me who has tried and failed, so we thought we would try this thread.

Any more information? Lets be having it please-o and thankyou-o.:D
"The new 500 is coming" page used 2 say Feb but theres no date I can see now.

I cant find the 500 under the white sheet now tho.

At least one northern dealer has been told 2 expect first demos 2 arrive december but one now has sourced a lhd 500 and hidden in at their garage awaiting the launch date from fiat,thats how confident they are the december ones will actually arrive.:cry:

Fiat were saying feb but seem to be saying nothing now 2telephone enquirers.Is that 500 under a sheet still on the site saying feb.If so I will try yet again to get fiat to confirm that date.:bang:
I believe you, though it is not working for me, but I better send that link to Fiat - they aren't giving a date at all now and seem to know nothing about a Feb announcement.

If and when I get another completely useless reply from Fiat full of pat phrases and saying nothing at all, I will perhaps post it on this site:devil:
They are being quite vague on details for the bespoke extras too. I'd prefer to wait until Fiat (and there dealerships) actually have some idea on the prices etc before rushing in to buy a normal/plain 500.
I need to test drive one first, and know the price, before I buy one. I won't be paying a deposit and ordering and waiting for weeks or months for it to arrive - that sounds like my idea of hell!:p

Last reply I had from a main dealer (less than 2 weeks ago) said they expected to see the first 500s (for demonstration purposes) in January 08. They were hoping for 2 - a Sport and a Lounge.:cool:
Looked on jassyjases' site - and there's a dealer supposed to be sending out a provisional booking form as though all engines sizes and all three spec levels and all colours are going to be available to us.

cuckoo. cuckoo. cloud cuckoo land. its not gonna happen IMO

Any more info - even if it conflicts with what else has been put on here -
even if it turns out not to be true I wont come round and beat you, tell us what you know, what you are being told by your dealer or whatever. Ta muchly...the truth is out there and I WANT IT ON THIS THREAD:cry:
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Hi All

The dealership where i work has just taken the Fiat franchise, and they have had no info at all so far except early 2008, but if i get anything useful inside info i will pass it on to you all.

Also with this months Auto & Design magazine (issue 166) is an excellent supplement '500 Design Story'. Its in english and italian 24 pages, full colour but would think its worth the £15 for any 500 fan. I got from Motor Books in London.

but if i get anything useful inside info i will pass it on to you all.
whatever you hear, put it on here -

Quite afew LHD 1.4s pooping up and for sale on autotrader
the more sought after 1.2s seem to be sold out tho here and in france

Any more UK launch info from anyone before I get totally bored wiv Fiat and their lack of communication :cry:
Prepare to be excited :

Slough have just called for a pre-spec prior to January production

All three engines full colour range and all three trims were on offer

No pricing so no obligation
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I had a good look at the new 500 in showrooms in Italy in the summer and saw several - though not many - on the road. I've had about thirty Fiats, including every generation of 500 - Topolino A and C, 500 Nuova, 500D, Cinquecento Sporting, and I have to say the new 500 is a real disappointment - podgy and bulbous on the outside with a facile attempt at a retro look, cramped inside, particularly in the back. I realise that it shares underpinnings with the forthcoming new model Ford Ka but unfortunately it also has much of the same character - style over substance, pretentious. Not for me, I'm afraid; my many Italian friends are not keen either and are horrified by the price.
Slough have just called for a pre-spec prior to January production

All three engines full colour range and all three trims were on offer

No pricing so no obligation

U can order whatever you want but it doesnt mean you will get it this side of next july;)

Order an expensive 1.4 in expensive lounge or sport trim and u probably get it quickety quick. Dear ones first cheap ones much later. Fiat smart money hungry marketing at its best.:(
Just been looking at the Autocar road test five weeks ago :

Fiat UK has told us that the 500 will probably be around five per cent more expensive than in Italy

which if its true would give a price of about £ 9000 for the 1.2 ltr lounge or sport and £ 10500 for the 1.4