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Tyre pumps


Aug 10, 2003
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look the same one branded one not, would you say the ring one is the cheap one re branded, or is the cheap one a dodgy copy of the ring one :chin:


The ones that plug into fag lighter are no good for my van leads too short

I went to use one at asda the other-day and was stunned that it was card only and cost min£1:eek:

hmm now this one has come up at the bottom https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00K30NXRO
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In my experience.. they are all noisy and crap..

Was hoping the one in the

Fiat 'fix'n go kit'

Was better.. it wasnt :(

Thankfully I have a Sainsbugs around the corner.. Air and Water are free :)
Google search best tyre inflators
Auto express review is good.
Ring have come out well over several years.
Previous generation inflater better value now ring brought out a new version.
I used one of those a while back to pump a push bike tyres upto 45psi go about ,35 then pump exploded in on next pump split the cylinder into 3 bits
Had a michelin single barrel pump since I got my uno in 2003 so it's 17 years old now. Still used weekly and the gauge still agrees with my pressure gauge. Nice solid thing it is no danger of bending it.

They are about 16 quid on Amazon or 20 odd for double barrel one.

Unless you've got a totally flat tyre oldschool is faster than faffing with an electric pump although I dunno how you are regards using a foot pump.
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I've got a cheapo tyre pump. It got me home when I took out two tyres on the motorway. One wheel swapped for the spare the other with slower leak topped up a couple of times on the way home.

I've removed the rubbish ciggy lighter socket to fit a USB/voltmeter. So the pump is going to get a couple of crock clips for the battery.
thanks looks like the 3rd one in my opening post but cheaper and with a handle.

If I was buying, I'd go with yours from Amazon. Anyone who puts more effort into the advert is more likely to know what they are selling.