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Technical Turn Signal Wiper Column


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Jul 28, 2018
Hi, I have problem with my turn signal lever. It don't want to turn back, or turn to other site (i go right, then fastly turn steering wheel, so the lever goes to "left" position). I have removed the rubber piece from it and it was better for a while, but now it's acting up again.
I have a spare one, but it has the same issue. Is there anything I can do? Repair some spring etc.? I know these are problematic, doesn't Bravo column fit Stilo?
There's quite a few second-hand ones out there, so I would just replace it with another one. A Bravo one may or may not fit.. but I doubt it's actually much different in how it works.

I'm not sure the stalks are "problematic". There aren't very many posts of real problems - usually it's just the rubber bellows is a bit to strong for the spring and the wiper keeps getting turned off.

Ralf S.