General TSW Alpines (13") - PROBLEMS!

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General TSW Alpines (13") - PROBLEMS!


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Nov 2, 2004
Somerset, England
Well, As i'm sure sum1 will un douptily say.. Nooo lol you idiot! they won't fit thats why we all have 14"ers.. Well mine are 13's i even paid for 4 brand new big tyres.. So.. lol i'm stuck with them.. :rolleyes:

Well the inside of the rim hits the suspension strut (Just above the Brake disc) theres a little box type thing with 4 bolts on it.. and a kind of flange.. it hits on this flange.. :bang:

I will not touch the rims at all as they are balanced etc etc. But?! a big hammer is looking ever more friendly to this evil flange.. (btw its only about 2mm out..)

Any help will be loved..
What offset are the wheels? :) the bolts your on about is the re-enforced bit for the rear bench/seatbelts iirc so dont go hammering that :eek: best bet to do it properly will be some spacers :) (can work out what size if you give us width and offset of the wheels) :)
What's the width of the wheel, what's the offset? Then go figure out which spacer you need to get the wheel sitting in the right place.

There will be a figure stamped/cast on the wheel in all likelyhood with the letter ET this tells you how far the rim pokes in from the face of the mounting flange on the disk. There will also be a Figure with J this is the width of the wheel in inches. Know those and you're movimng in the right direction.


I run TSW Alpines on 14'' and they are very wide. I dont know the ET off top of my head but they are quite wide alloys
Omg.. Soz for wastin all ur time.. Bleedi hell i was that pissed off i didn't even think of spacers.. i'll get sum turned up at work..
Cheerz all..