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Jan 9, 2006
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Have you ever been driving and something strange, unusual, bizzare or odd has made you say "that's weird" ? If so, share your story with us. I'll start the ball rollin' by recalling an event that happened some years ago.
I was working in Germany at the time and needed to visit someone in another district. As i had no transport it was proving difficult getting there until a colleague offered to lend me their vehicle.
I set off after work on my memorable journey on a cold clear winters evening. The moon was lighting up the surrounding countryside and it was very quiet with hardly any other traffic about when i suddenly had this strange feeling that someone was sat in the back of the vehicle. The hairs on my neck started to stick up, my back was tingling and my hands felt clammy. I had this compulsion to look over my shoulder but daren't. Instead i looked at the scene ahead and it had the effect of looking at a photograph negative. I was feeling very uncomfortable when as quickly as it stated, it stopped and everything was back to normal.
On the return journey i experienced a similar feeling but no where near as intense as previous. On arriving back i returned the vehicle to its owner and told him of my experience. He looked at me ashen faced and told me that the previous owner had commited suicide in a lay-by where i had driven through, the police finding his body slumped in the back of the vehicle.

That's weird.:eek:
:eek: That's really freaky. :dead: Made me feel all spooked just reading it (y)
I had one.. or two.. actually off the top of my head three :confused:

1st started in bed,was about 0800 in the morning and I was dreaming, in the dream my car was broken into at work, it was very realistic. When I woke up I had forgotton about it.

Few hours later I drove to work, as soon as I entered the height restriction barrier to the car park I had a very weird ppunch to the gut sensation.. the dream came back.. but the car park was empty.

I said to myself , "ah its just a dream" and parked in the same spot the car was in, in the dream.

Cut a long story short at break time I went to me motor to go shops and it had been broken into :mad:

2nd I don't know ow it came about but I had a vision of a car emerging from the left and nearly causing an accident. a mate had told me earlier that he was going somewhere and the drive were quite long.

I sent him a text saying: Beware of cars emerginf from the left, he sent me a text back saying: WTF? When he got back from his journey he told me that some jackass had almost crash into him from the left.

3rd I was in the bath recently and I was just.... bathing and I was thinking of my route to work and one potentially dangerous right turn I have to make to enter my complex, I was thinking of the what ifs and what I would do if.

One of the what ifs happened that same journey :confused:

There have been more but not motor related.