Here's a weird one!

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Here's a weird one!

Oct 1, 2017
Edinburgh Scotland
Just had one of my less well known neighbours knock on my door - everyone in the street thinks I've got a magic wand! - She's been keeping her son's '56 plate Honda CRV for a few days whilst he's been away and was going to run it back to his house so it would be there when he gets back later tonight. The problem is that the alarm keeps going off!

Specifically:- She was left the spare key but it appears to have a flat battery as it won't unlock the doors. If you unlock the door using the key in the lock then the alarm goes off. It cancels after a short while though. So, now with the door open, you can get in and start the engine with this key - so it seems to be being recognized by the immobilizer - but almost immediately the alarm goes off again! It self cancels after about 30 secs but unless you remove the key from the ign switch (so you have to stop the engine) it just keeps going off and self canceling. Then going off again and self canceling. Then going off again and so on and so on. If you remove the key and walk away it all goes quiet so at least it's not going to keep us all awake tonight, but what's going on?

The only "strange" thing I have learned about Hondas (I was told this by a local indy Honda specialist when asking about a problem on my daughter in law's Jazz) is never to disconnect the battery with the ignition key in the lock - if you do you'll end up with a visit to the dealer to get the key reprogrammed! Because the car is starting I don't think the problem is related to this though?

Any ideas anyone?
Perhaps it's similar to the Fiat system.

If you lock or unlock the door with the key in the door lock, instead of using the remote, you need to turn the key twice to activate or deactivate the alarm.
Thanks Davren although I have to say our 2010 Panda works ok just turning the key once (Mrs Jock always uses the blipper so I use the key just to keep the lock working and loosened off. Got to be worth a try though. I'll nip out and see if she's in and give it a try.

It also occurred to me that it might be something to do with the cold? It's absolutely Baltic up here tonight with the cars all covered in a white frost. I was wondering if maybe some sort of a switch "thingy" might be frozen and failing to be actuated by the lock mechanism?

Thanks again
Ah well, just went and rang her door bell. There are lights on in the house but no-one answering the door and the Honda is GONE! Maybe her son turned up with his key or? Anyway if I find out I'll get back on here and let you all know what transpired.
Over the years I've come across a lot of cars, various makes, where the alarm is disarmed only by the remote key. I've never had to research how to disable them if only the spare key is available, but there must a be a way on every one, or the spare key is useless.

Davren's answer looks probable for others too.
Bit of speed-reading of the handbook needed before it goes off a second time.
We are lucky enough to have two small independent Honda garages nearby (one of the reasons I nearly bought a Civic ST last time round). They are both very approachable but one in particular appeals to me as it is run by a couple of ex main dealer mechanics, older men who seem to look at life through the same "prism" as I do. I've had several very interesting conversations with them and they are only a 15 minute walk away so I think I'll stick my head in the door next time I'm going past their unit.

If anything interesting comes from it I'll be sure to let you all know.
My Saab, despite trying to find a solution online, wouldn't disable the alarm if you unlocked the doors with the key. The only way to deactivate the alarm once set was with the remote fob, ridiculous idea.

In the end I managed to get one more 'unlock' out of the fob battery so I could at least get home from work without driving 8 miles with the alarm going off. After that I kept a spare battery in the car! :D
The spare key on my VW would set off the alarm, but it was silenced when the immobilser was recognised on starting the car.