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Dec 16, 2008
Hi all,
Well, the suns out and it's that time again - she needs a bit of TLC and a few beer vouchers.

Whats to do?

Not a lot really . . .

1, Torsion bar rubbers, rattlin like a calypso band.
2, Crank pulley, making music of it's own.
3, spare wheel carrier (finally), it's been rattlin long enough.
4, exhaust rubber hangers, change em before they drop off.
5, Full service :-
diesel, engine, air and pollen filters,
oil change - engine and gearbox,
hydraulic oil change - brakes and steering, that'll be a first.
check play and grease in rear arms
6, finally sort out the bloody air con - again,
7, do somethin with that crappy plasticy gunge on the door handles n dash,
8, service the sun roofs - they don't leak but do have a groaning sound when
operating, (or that me knees and back I can hear?)
9, fix the loose radio - it's only been loose since I've had the motor :D
10, sort out the additional 'features' I've added by backing into the bloody
gate post and hitting a wall that was enclosed (so hidden) in overgrown
bush (it's got that 'used' look now :rolleyes:)
11, Have it resprayed (brother is a bloody good bodyman) the new colour will
be a slightly different shade of blue - it'll be PURPLE! - yeah, there is a
good reason - I bought the paint for Multi #5 , (which was purple) then
decided to keep Multi #6 - so it's gonna be purple. :cool:
12, Nearly forgot - sort out those rotten lower fog lights, they keep blowin
There's bound to be somethin that I've missed - best leave a blank space on the bottom of the 'TO DO' list . . .

That should keep me entertained for an hour or two :eek:
Later peepul, think I've got a bit of werk to do.
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