Teenage tourettes camp

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Teenage tourettes camp


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Aug 24, 2004
Apologies if there is a thread dedicated to this, I didn't see one.

This is repeated NOW on ITV2. I haven't seen it so I'm watching it with a beer.
:eek: this one girl's shouting n*gger walking past black folk, and is now booking into an airplane shouting "bomb" :D Tourettes = entertainment :cool:
saw it itv1
top class
think i seen the lad from derby in town before too :chin:

wait for "jen gives head" legend


Jen gives head, Jen gives head Jen gives head, Jen gives head :D

This is ace.

I just thought of the funniest reality tv program, Tourettes big brother :cool: You could have actors in there and the contestants have to weed out the ones with tourettes from the actors :idea: :worship:
Another thing that made me laugh...

(Talking about compulsions)

"Jenny has a compulsion to touch hot things, like ......" I thought he was going to say pies and pasties :p
I saw this when it was first on earlier in the week and it was a bit of an eye opener. One of my best friends at school had it, but just physical tics like the lad - blinking, shrugging and sniffing. The ones who did shout and swear were a bit scary at times. I think the camp was helpful as although they findit difficult to control it, it was good (well not good but useful if you see my point) for them to see what it was like to be on the receiving end of it.
Nadgers, just my luck I realise its on again 20 seconds after its finished! S***, bugger, arseholes and f***! (maybe I've got tourette's?! :chin: )

I was p*ssing myself just reading about it in the paper... and I really wanted to see the bit about some kid who went to Chicago and shouted "twin towers" at skyscrapers then dispensed some casual racism :D
It was even funnier the second time around. :) How gutted would you be though if one of those kids was yours?
I'm surprised Paul hasn't been on this thread yet to scorn us for laughing at the afflicted :D
Steve said:
It was even funnier the second time around. :) How gutted would you be though if one of those kids was yours?

Actually I reckon it'd be cool to have a kid with tourette's. constant source of entertainment! :D