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you can get the head modified to fit, his got a standard sub assembly, I will see if i get a chance today and scan the complete article and post it here.most people here also told him his bull****ting about the power, but he runs a 12.5 sec 1/4 mile without gas?? will post so you can read for yourself, will do in about 2-3 hours time.
I don't know precisely how it all works, but a standard 20V Turbo Coupe is 2000cc, and runs 1.3 bar boost as standard. And it runs a 14.5 second quarter mile. It takes about 350 bhp in a Coupe to get down to a 12.5 seconds quarter mile. 460 bhp will get you an 11.9.
So to get that out of a 1.4 with 1 bar boost would be very good! :rolleyes:
here you go,stated 13.1, after artcle it did a 12.5.
ps: sorry for bad quality, still an amutuer scanner.


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right, this car makes approx 195 bhp and 479 lbft of torque!!!!!!
bullsh*t. nice car and conversion to 16v is interesting. but on any uno T engine, its not about bolting big turbos and dump valves on to go faster. you need to modify the internals first. thats why so many uno T bottom ends fail.;)
Even if it got the 190bhp - which would be impressive - getting nearly 500lbft torque would be impossible. Even 250bhp JTD's arn't at 500lbft!
Good on him then. It must have been quite some task fitting that head. 'modified to fit" is a bit of an understatment. I cant see it catching on :D

It will be much more than 195bhp. It says 150kw, I assume that is 150kw at the wheels as thats the rating SA usually uses. Torque figure will be at the wheels too, in 3rd gear maybe. My Uno is making about 550nm at the wheels in 3rd gear.
torque is in relation to power and revs. so that engine must make its power at low revs. and if and its a big if it does make that torque, then why is it so slow down the strip with all that torque:confused:
no way on 1 bar does that car make that torque. he is telling porkies.(n)
Hellcat said:
Low down power does not usually go hand-in-hand with a turbo.
its a formula thing. if its making 195bhp, then to make 479lbft of torque, it must make the power at 2600 revs. me thinks he is telling porkies. i think his torque is more like 230lbft.;)
sumplug said:
torque is in relation to power and revs. so that engine must make its power at low revs. and if and its a big if it does make that torque, then why is it so slow down the strip with all that torque:confused:
no way on 1 bar does that car make that torque. he is telling porkies.(n)

HAve you ever heard of a thing called loss of traction, they use normal road tyres and not semi's or full slicks, i think if they put that on the car it would run close to the 11 s.
I'll try and get the dyno printout to show you, btw it's all at the wheels.
i can show you a car which makes 50 bhp/50lbft torque more on another rolling road. its called kidology. some unscrupulous rolling roaders deliberately set their rollers to over read. believe me.!! as already said, it takes a certain amount of power and torque[acceleration] to hit 11's. to have a huge difference in power and torque is plain nonsense.:rolleyes:
Does anyone else SEE a 16v engine on those pics? i don't, all i see is a metal plate on the head, for all all i know it could be the stock engine with exagerated claims.
it says a std cam, but it says a lot of things.

I reckon you 'could' get those figures from a uno block, but thats about it, you would need serious work, and the only thing original would be the block.

and even then all that power would be out of the turbo, it would be pretty undrivable.
Well, before we all got to arguing about whether the featured Uno is realistic with it's power figures or not, how about we say 'thank you' to [email protected] for taking the time and trouble to scan and post it for us?

Thank you [email protected]! Some people are grateful for your time and trouble to give us something to read that we wouldn't otherwise get (*ahem* to the rest of you ungrateful bunch!)

As to the featured Uno itself, it's certainly interesting. It looks genuine enough to be turbo under the bonnet, though it's a shame the article didn't go into more detail with regards to fitting the 16 valve head to the older turbo block. I assume the Palio in South Africa is available with the same engine that we can get in the Punto Sporting over here, which would be the 16 valve super FIRE engine.

I've no idea of the stud spacings between the two engines or how much they match, but that's quite an achievement to modify and fit a different cylinder head to fit another engine block. But it's not impossible, and the 16 valve cross flow design would allow much better gas flow than the standard non-FIRE turbo head.

It's been done well, but some of it isn't to my taste. I'm not a fan of that front bumper, even though it probably DOES need that big intercooler stuck up front, so unlike most Chavved up cars this one does actually need a big hole in the front!

The power figure is realistic, something like 220bhp (if I got my rough conversion from Kw right). That's not impossible, and even the standard Uno turbos can get that kind of figure with home modifications. I think Dunc is going for something in that region!

However, it's the torque reading that doesn't seem right. My 45 pushes out 80Nm/ 59lbft, so 650 Nm would be over 500 lb ft!!!! That's either a typo, or a totally exaggerated claim. That much torque through a standard turbo gearbox would tear it apart on the first application of a full throttle...

Not only that, but I would have thought 500lb/ft in a car as light as a Uno would go quicker than 13.1 down the quarter mile, even allowing for traction loss.

But anyway, thanks again [email protected] for posting the article. (y)
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Thanks, well i also don't know about the torque,as it's not my car. I phoned the builder of the engine and he told me it's a bit of a mission to get the head fitted, and wanted to ask me R 15000 for the conversion dunno what that is in your currency.