Technical Stilo feels loose

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Technical Stilo feels loose

Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
This is the only way i can describe it, the engine feels loose, like it exseviley rocks. Like when you come off the gas there is a clunking feeling and at feels like the engine being strangled of power.

Is this poor engine mounts coupled with another problem?
It does sound like two different problems.

What engine is it?
Explain what you mean by "being strangled of power" what dies? splutters?
Does the gearshift move when you throttle off?
Where does the knocking noise sound like it's coming from?

Any warning lights? Done anything or hit anything lately?
Give us a bit more to go on. Don't be shy:)
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theres no noises, just feels like engine rocking a lot. When you accelerate, decelerate there is movement in the gearshift, but not excessive- no more than other cars I have driven. The flexi joint on the exhaust has gone so I am thinking what if a mount is on the blink. The car was involved in a front end smack but was told no structural damage but could this have damaged a mount?

As to the strangled of power when coming off the gas, imagine screwing it in 2nd and taking your foot off the peddle.

btw its a 1.2
If there's "no structural damage" then it couldn't damage an engine mount or could it?

I don't know but if you feel something's changed then it probably has. Is the broken part of the exhaust before the lambda sensor? If so that could cause real tuning problems

Engine mounts? Get a 4ft long piece of timber and prise in structural places to see if there's movement at the mounts, careful where you're levering though
The lambda is way before the cat so that would dismiss that idea

Check out your engine mounts. Look to see if there's any structural cracking around the mounts. Does it still feel the same to drive?