Technical stilo; add a CD changer

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Technical stilo; add a CD changer


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Jan 15, 2006
hello there. i have recently brought a stilo jtd active MW. i think it's a great car:D but the only fault I have is that it doesn't have a cd player. I have searched the threads on this forum and have gotten a bit confused about adding a changer. i understand that the model is BLAUPUNKT IDC A09, but is this a special version for the stilo or will any IDC A09 fit. I have seen some on ebay advertised for peugeot's and onefrom an on-line ice retailer for £140 (new).
would these work with my factory cassette radio or do i need a stilo specific model. Failing that is it a straight swap for the factory cassette player for a factory cd/radio ?
Only the Stilo specific one will fit - there are two versions of A09.
What about just replacing the complete unit for an aftermarket cd headunit using a fascia adaptor ?
thanks for the quick replies.
I didn't want to change the look of the dash. i have got my apline unit from my old rover but i must be getting old now as i can't be bothered to take the face out now. plus the sound out of the stereo is pretty good for a factory unit.
the changer must be stilo specific and they come up occasionally on ebay for around £130. Radio/cd players come up more often and go for £100-£120

I'm with you on not wanting to change the look of the dash and am also waiting for a compatible changer to come up(y)
thanks again, i think i'll go for swaping the standard cassette deck for a standard factory cd player. fiat want £250 for the changer, way more than i was expecting.
if anyone wants to sell a cd player, please let me know.