Technical Stilo 1.6 throttle body reset w/ examiner

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Technical Stilo 1.6 throttle body reset w/ examiner


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Mar 6, 2014
Hi all,
I've recently purchased a 2003 1.6 16v stilo. And I've already grown quite attached
I bought the vehicle from a guy who hadn't used it in a few years. I gave it a full service and all was fine, I knew about the problems these cars suffered with throttle bodies and where the car had been left standing the battery had died! So I know a reset would be needed!
After attempting the reset a couple of times I'm still having no luck, the car drives fine and had a steady idle on start up but as soon as I blip the throttle fluctuates and will either jump back to idle or cut out!

Basically I'm looking for anyone near me in north Herts with and Examiner tool who (for a fee) would plug it in and reset the throttle position and perform an update if needed!

Many thanks
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hi Lloyd! :wave:

take a look in my sig for throttle clean and relearn procedure. its kinda important to clean it before the relearn else you can get funny idling behaviour. from your description it seems like an easy fix, clean it & perform a relearn and pop back to tell us how you get on. (user #T14086 , quoted in the link on my sig, either still is or used to be on fiats payroll and he knows his info although his post is also mirrored by eLEARN for the Stilo throttle relearn)

As for updating... there's no active members on here, that i know of, with an examiner... even less so with authority to check/perform updates of any kind. the throttle itself is controlled by the Engine ECU so if any update was needed it would be for the Engine ECU and a dealer job only unfortunately. If the examiner is anything like any other dealer level software worth its salt, it would have to connect to Fiat central systems with regards to update information.
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