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General Steam clean && seals


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May 8, 2007
I am wondering if anyone got the inside and outside of there car steam cleaned, just want to know is it easily do able your self, D.I.Y jobby, not interested in cleaning the engine at all.

Also, is there any kinda lub that can be used to seal the seals as when I'm driving it sounds like it needs it in a few places.

thanks in advance!!
I reckon i cud pick up a steam cleaner handy enuff. Just want to c wat ppl ave done or ideas, or i dnt want to jump inot and ruin my car, as i wud prefer to pay for it to be professionally done.
you can steam clean the underbody and arches to remove dirt, but a hose pipe works much better.
you can steam clean the interior fabrics, but a shampoo hoover works much better.