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Speechless doesnt quite cover it...

Aug 2, 2005
Wigton, Cumbria
Well i didnt know if or where this could go so i thoguht i would post it here for people to 'look' at. I took this off my phone camera a while back as i was driving past in another car and i had to stop and have a look after that, the owner is deadly serious that it is meant to look properly modified and well,.... well have a look!

No way can that be serious lol! he has freakin sirens on his roof!
i no y hes put the spoiler on the front bumper. hes trying to get more down force so he can take them corners at a 100 mph. lol

can you imagine learning in that ud cause loads of accidents. from people taking second glances
faster4_tec said:
talking of putting it on its roof:-


this extreme trifle lot, well a few of them are joining us on our sub £100 cars to vladivostok rally. However the most of them seem to be wanting to ride 90cc pizza delivary bikes on the paris dakar, they will probably make it too!!

interesting vid, and now i realise that i want to do something like that (y)
I really want some better angles of this car but i dont think i have any left, the interior (IRRC) is a cut -up sofa across the front, at least thats what it looked like. I remember my dad had one and he put aluminium kickers under each edge at the front to stop it scuffing the paint when if blew onto its side when he lived by the sea. :p