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Oct 8, 2007
I have a Seicento Sporting which I have just had serviced and the cam belt is due like now to be done, will this cause the enginee management light to come on, as before this I had no troubles at all.:worship:

Please can someone help me, i am not loosing any power, and the light comes on and off after a few miles. I was going to take it to Fiat to be done, but have lost faith with them as they are just out to rip you off most of the time.:cry:

Any one out there had the same problem, I was told by someone that it would come on as its due to have the cam done, is this the case? sorry I am a newbe with this car. :)
It appears to happen when it going up a hill. I looked the light up in the book and it said it was the engine management light.:)
I had EXACTLY the same problem when i had my cambelt changed! I put a post on here about what fixed it. Ill dig it out and post it here!
Thank you so much, its so frustrating as you can imagine. I so love my little car.:)
So it could be the lamber sensor then? I will try the red X and BP fuel and see if that helps as it is really minor at the moment
Aghhh sorry, that post doesnt help....i wrote the outcome on another post but it seems to have disapeared... Doh!!

Mine turned out to be 2 things!!

1. The crank sensor at the top od the engine to the left had not been put in quite right. Just 1 bolt holds it on.
2. The main problem was that during the process, the garage had managed to spill oil into where the spark plug goes (the one directly under the filler cap) This was resulting in a fault code "generic misfire" causing the engine management light to come on....then go off! However, just like yours, there was no missfireing or the such that i could notice. Drained the oil from the spark plug, and then took out the crank sensor, cleaned it up refitted and then checked the timing!

Problem solved!

Hopefully yours will be as simple! Hopefully will as its almost identical situation!
Hasnt been done yet, the guy who does my car is due to do it shortly. He has just given it a full service. :)
I would still check that they havent spilt the oil into where the sparkplug sits.... could still be the problem as its not directly cam belt related anyway!
Thank you so much for your help, I will check that as soon as.

You have been a great help.:yum:

Will let you know the out come:)