Technical Seicento engine swap and turbo questions

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Technical Seicento engine swap and turbo questions


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May 16, 2023
Hello everyone. I have been thinking about a turbo build on a seicento.
I know, I know, probably heard this a million times before. But, I did do some research, there are just some things not completely clear.

So, it starts with the engine swap.
The 1.2 upgrade is obvious. From what I understand, if I have a SPI car, and I buy a SPI 1.2 engine, it should just work on the stock (1.1) ECU right? And I can use DET3 to make it run with a turbo? Are there better (piggyback) options? Standalone is a little overwhelming.

Then the engine. The engines from the topic are
Punto 60, up to 1997: 176.B1.000
Punto 60, from 1997 : 176.B4.000

Those seem hard to find here, will the 176A7000 work? Also Punto 1 1.2 60, SPI. There are a couple in my area. What are the differences?
Are there more options?

It's pretty crucial the pistons from the 16v will fit, so I can lower the compression.
Those are the 1.2 16v pistons from the Punto 1 as well, right? Can you guys give me a part number? From what I can find its 71711944 ?
And it's the 16v pistons, on the 8v conrods, right?

Apart from that I can probably figure it out.
But all tips are very welcome.

I have been watching WornOut Racing on YT, seems to know what he's talking about. Good channel? What do you guys think? (I imagine he might be on the forum as well)
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