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General SEI seats in a CINQ


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Dec 16, 2005
can anyone tell me if the back seats out of a sei are the same size as a cinq. Just saw a mint interior written of sei in breakers, where as my seats are a bit tatty.
Yup, done this in mine (Sei sourced). Doing the seat swap is a great mod - totally worthwhile! Custom fabbed a locking bracket and I needed to make the 'loop' parts stick into the car about another 3/4" so it would catch. for the pivot bracket, where the split in the seats meet, the threaded inserts are already part of the car; you just need to dig out the little plastic cover/plug thingy. Managed to get blue seats to co-ordinate with the paint colour.

I did my door cards too. Got grey ones from a Cinq Sporting and modded them to accept the window winder. Interestingly, the centre material of the card already has the aperture for the winder shaft; only the material covers it. Those with a Sporting, give it a prod - you'll see!

If you are doing the door cards too in a manual winder car, make sure you seal the edge of the material where you cut for the winder to pass thru, otherwise you will get a running tear (I know yours is an SX, V, so this wont apply :p ). You can cauterise it with a medium-hot soldering iron as it heats up (watch the fumes - do it with the door open and make sure it cools before it touched anything) or, for the laydees (or gents on the weekend) use clear nail varnish. DON'T use a lighter or other naked (or clothed) flame - that’s just asking for a write-off.

Look at the state of my stock interior - Ming factor: 9.95

Cost of whole interior: £60



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