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General Sei petrol tank

Sep 18, 2005
Don't know if its been mentioned on here before..... but...
I noticed that there was a slight smell of petrol around the rear offside quarter on my sporting, so when it went fot its MOT I asked the garage to keep an eye open for any leaks around the tank. They agreed that there was a slight wiff of petrol and they suggested I ring my local Fiat dealer (Stonacres ....Grimsby) because they had heard that Fiat dealers were recalling Seicento's to replace the fuel tanks.
So I rang tham and was told to bring the car in the next day and they would fit a new tank straight away,completely FREE of CHARGE.
My car is an X reg and I know that they have recalled some Sei,s at least 3 years older for tank replacement.
So if in doubt about your wiffy tank its worth a try................

Many thanks to Stoneacres for a quick (free) job (y)
I got a letter from Fiat in 2000 saying to book my cinq in for a new tank and thats an L reg but not sure if they would do it now or not. Might be worth ringing them and asking.
my sei tank has had the recall letter..but i still aint taken it :eek: non too keen on letting a fiat dealer near my pride and joy
I had to pay for my own tank! :(
The recall doesn't cover MPi Seis yet:bang:

thats because fiat uk lie abt fuel tank rust on the mpi, i have a 2001 (y reg)
i have just had my tank changed for free , fight fiat uk, take pics of your tank and send them in, they told me my car was fine then i sent them some pics of the tank , close ups of the rust!! they told me to take the car in to ancaster fiats kent, for a free tank.. dont let them win