Technical Scicentro overheating

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Technical Scicentro overheating


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Jan 12, 2006
Please can anybody advise where the cooling fan sensor is mounted on the
engine of a 2001 Fiat Seicento 1100? The fan does not appear to run and the car overheats. Have checked the 30A fuse is OK. Does the temperature sensor energise a relay to turn on the fan? I do not have a service manual.

Thanks in advance.



Does your car run Single Point Fuel Injection or Multi Point Fuel Injection?
An MPI has a big circular black airbox on top, where as the SPI has a grey plastic rectanglular airbox

This is a modded MPI: Hall/pages/DSCN0597.html

You should be able to match up bits and pieces to check though. Namely, the fuel rail and the header tank bottle.

The SPI bay looks more like this: Hall/pages/DSCN0596.html

Sorry the pictures arent the clearest for this kinda thing, but i dont have any others!

If it runs SPI, then the sensor is in the side of the radiator.

It is the blue bit in that picture.

If your car is MPI, then the fan is controlled by a sensor else where. I beleive it is connected to the ECU, and the ECU handles the switching. Its a more complex system than the SPI and something im not familar with. sorry :(
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