Technical Seicento Sporting overheating

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Technical Seicento Sporting overheating


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Apr 8, 2013
Recently my Seicento started to overheat regularly. I noticed always air in the hoses. The radiator is only 2 yrs old.
From the first time it overheated about 1 month ago, I changed : the reservior cap, the thermostat , all the slightly leaking hoses and the fan switch..
I check the oil regularly and its not contaminated with water and I never saw bubbles emerging from the reservoir tank.
Can anyone advise me, maybe I'm missing something.
What else can be. A blown head gasket. a worn water pump.
Hi :)

HeadGasket is pretty likely..

At one point we owned 1108cc engines in 3 cars.. cinquecento sporting, punto 55 and Panda 169... they all suffered head gasket failure

Only the panda had an underlying cause.. coolant leak

The others failed through age

Apart from losing coolant.. any other signs?

Rusty sparkplug tips?

Mayonnaise contamination at top of engine..??
I'm afraid it's the head gasket from what I read from here. I've a sporting with the same overheating issue and I have yet to fix it. They don't like getting hot, my issue was caused by the radiator fan not working properly and only coming on if it was in the mood 🙄. The fan motor is tight in one place as it revolves so needs swapping out.
You can test whether it's the water pump by getting the car to temperature, while driving along with the heater set to cold.

Then turn on the heater and the fan to Max (pick a cool day) and see whether the temperature stabilises at a lower temperature. If it drops and stays at a lower temperature, then turn the heater to cold/fan off and see whether the temperature increases again.

If the heater and fan being "on" keeps the temperature lower, then it could be the pump.

Check the radiator is hot all the way through. If it has gas in the top (the top of the radiator is cold but the bottom is hot) then you have air in the rad' and it needs to be bled. I think the bleed screw is on the back of the radiator, by the right hand headlamp. Just unscrew it a bit .. until air or fluid comes out. Don't be impatient and turn it too much, otherwise it will fall out and then you'll have coolant everywhere. When coolant emerges, tighten the screw up.. but test it again after a few miles, to see if you keep getting air in the radiator. Continual air in the rad' is a head gasket... nothing else.

Ralf S.