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Sep 20, 2007
Well, after lurking here for a while (used to own a Punto Mk2) I thought I'd register as I now have just become (well Tuesday) the proud owner of a 1.9D SX Doblo 03 plate.
proud owner of a 1.9D SX Doblo 03 plate.

Hi there! I have a 1.9JTD SX Doblo 03 plate, the rear doors are less of a pain than they look! (Assuming you dont have the hatchback type door).

It's good just to lurk sometimes, that's what I did so that I could get up to speed with everyone else first!

Loads of great information here, if anything goes wrong chances are the answers are here!
Thanks for the welcome guys!

I was buying one with the hatchback, but due to some problems at the (main) dealer (not supplying the log book after 2 1/2 weeks!) I cancelled the deal.

Went to look at another one that was VERY local with the standard split rear doors, got the same deal, which meant the dealer knocking £500 off the price:D and matching the trade in without seeing my vehicle.
Robin, that pic you have there, mines the same colour!
I have also bought the sunshades from ebay, but now they wont fit the rear doors. But, I think one will fit the larger nearside door, and I think I can modify one to fit the other smaller door. Got nowt to lose anyway if I cant get a neat enough job out of it.
i got into Mountain biking about 3 years ago, and the bikes hanging off the back of my old Punto have just marked and scratched the car. Hence the Dobbin, and now I have the shades for it- I have a changing room for when I've been out and got covered in glorious Welsh mud!(y)
Thanks for the welcome! But not a Welshie, from Warrington in Cheshire, try to go MTB'ing at least once a week in Wales. Need to get back up to the Lakes, not been for months now....

But anyway, only had the car now for 3 days, and went to Penmachno yesterday. Bought so I can carry the bikes inside, and have somewhere to get changed. Have to report that the car was/ is perfect! Easily carries the bikes, loads of room to get changed and 50 mpg avg (indicated- not quite sure of accuracy yet...) and coped pretty well with the hills even tho' its not the JTD engine. Is this one of the best kept secret cars or what?:D

Edit: Forgot to say that I bought the sunblinds from ebay for the dobbin, the rears dont fit (as people are aware) the van door version- well theres only small gaps round the one on the larger door and I use the other one by using it 90 degrees out of position, and bending the frame to fit round the door- works really well. Just remove them when not carrying anything if you're fussy about the looks!
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