Technical Saftey Recall Anti Roll Bar

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Technical Saftey Recall Anti Roll Bar

Aug 8, 2007
If any of you do have concerns about this saftey recall here is the contact.

00800 3428 0000 (option 3)

Alternatively If you wish to put your concern in writing it should be sent Customer Relations Department at the following address:
Customer Relations
Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd
Fiat House
240 Bath Road
I had my recall letter sent whilst I was in Australia, took the car in today and apparently it's affected - they are going to order the parts and call me when it's in. Hmm . . .
Had mine done a few weeks ago. I brought it in for an unrelated complaint and the dealer made an appointment for a few days later as they didn't have the part in stock.

Apparently the anti-rollbar will eventually start making unwanted noises and probably affect the handling (you will be warned in time by the noises coming from underneath the front side of the car!!).

Fiat (at least here in the Netherlands) will change the anti-roll bar as the cars come back for regular service or for other work done on the car. Most users probably will not even know. It is not deemed a "safety" recall (yet) but a precautionary measure.

I haven't noticed any difference in handling to the car. Both before and after it handles fine. There were no funny noises nor are there now. If they hadn't told me about it I wouldn't have noticed one way or another.

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In UK the recall should of been done before car was released on the road so shouldn't affect anyone here as recall was issued before cars went on sale here.Its more a pre-caution than anything.