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General Rusty Sunroof

The Ugly Duckling said:
My sunroof is starting to go rusty in places, just bubbling a bit on my Sei. I'm sure some of you have had this. What is the best thing to do? Leave it, or do something about it, and if so, what? I'd prefer it if it didn't look horrible.

Hmmm...didn't know the cento suffered with rusty sunroofs, but anyway here goes...Rover especially suffer with this problem, but the only difference is, we are at an advantage because of the ease of removing the sunroof from the car. First things first is to take a trip to halfords and buy some Krust (Hammerite)This product may stop the rust from returning. Simply take the sunroof off the car and soak it in the bath to get rid of all the old rusty paint and dirt...the more effort you put into cleaning it, the better the outcome! Scrape all rust away with a wire brush and sand paper, dry the sunroof and follow the instruction on the tin for the Krust...or if all else fails, most scrap yards which stock cento's with sunroofs don't know that they can be taken off the your looking around £20+ for a replacement.
if you want to do a quick job if you can call it that do the above but the rust will come back, for a propper fix find a sun roof with no rust
Mine has a tiny 5p piece size bit of rust where one of the metal joins is on the outside of the sunroof. I rubbed it down and put a bit of black nail varnish on it. has been fine. did the same with one of my old cinqs too.