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General rusty sump oo-er

Oct 11, 2003
buxton the land that time
had mot and it passed but they did mention that somethinghas hit and dented me sump andthere a bit or rust begining to form. now fiat want £260 fit sump lol so would liek to avoid was just wondering can u just paint over were rust is starting using hammerrite or someting lol
it might be worth using stove paint or vht paint due to the temperature the sump will reach.
I need a new sump aswell, mine's been bodged for the time being, but it'll definately need replacing.

as for replacing it... £45 for the parts and about the same for labour. that's what i've been quoted.
is black stove paint ok ??? i hae some hammerite bbq/stove paint its mat black. i dont think its water proof like normal hammerrite or is it. its realy thin like water nearly especiallt compared to regular hamerite. i would assume that as its in the bottom of ths sump it should remain reasonably cool the oild will be hot inside but should have continous airflow going over it
yeah a wire brush, nitro mors followed by some spray hammerite (stove paint in matt black, I used it on my rear bench as salt from the dog when he'd been to the beach rusted it within a few days of getting car!).

A new sump is like £11 on ebay? and then a couple of quid for that sealant stuff, whats so expensive about it that fiat charge a scimitar and a half for?
sump on ebay is around 50quid, and you'll have to have the exhaust off to fit it. and then another 30quid on new oil.
drill- wire brush to clean metal. if pinholed etc, use some chemical metal. sand that down and paint sump after of course degreasing it with hammerite smooth.(y)