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rrr brrr weather

Nov 4, 2003
turbo's off the road needing the brakes bled and a driveshaft fitted(amongst other things)
came home from work yesterday but had twisted my knee so left it to today since im off.

i get up to be greeted by a frikkin blizzard! not gonna be laying in that im afraid.
now the car and weather hates me :(
Same here, it's snoooooooooooooooooooooowing :D Which would be lovely if I weren't meant to be joining other FFers in the NE this afternon, which I suspect I won't be now :( Will pop out at lunchtime and see if the main roads are clear though, they will probably be ploughed and gritted.
sammiboo said:
roads arent gritted here, there is no way i am attempting to go out. I saw a 4x4 struggling before (n)

These are the benefits of living in the same village as the councillors and police training place, we always get gritted first and the road through here is kept open. Not sure once I'm outside of here though :(
No snow here, although haven't set foot outside yet to see how cold it is!! External temp sensor says 3 degrees, but we shall see ;)

May go down to the steam room later to get warmed up :D
Its been snowing here a bit...



covered in snow back home here in st annes. spent all morning playing on car parks with the cars - until it shredded the alternator belt. just popped into town to get a new one, and off to fix it, get some lunch and go out to play again.

will stick up some photos and videos later :D


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