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General right i'm going to break the mold here

The Sultan

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Jul 28, 2006
lake windermere east edge
today i found some spats of dirty oil on my clutch foot rest wile carrying out my regular routine of cleaning and Vaxing the car (see i look after my car)

my diagnosis it's the clutch slave cylinder (well it's dripping out of it)

(now at this point i'm not going to moan about one thing after another and the price off parts and the empty state of my wallet)

it's an old car with over 80k on the clock i have to expect these things to happen after all people rarely ever bleed the clutch aswell as the brakes so they end up with rather manky fluid sitting in the lines

new parts ordered and should arive before it fails completely

if i can find some camera batteries i may put together a small guide as to change a master cylinder
The one who gives everyone advise on how to fix their car, finally has a fault on their own car!! :p

Also, which fiat garage do you work at?
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yes a guide would be mint!

and nice of you to realise that they are an old car and things do go wrong (hell stuff goes wrong with cars with less than TEN miles on the clock, never mind 100,000), making a refreshing change. fed up of people moaning...

'my xxxxx is ffing rubbish, in the last year i've had to change brakes, tyres, a cambelt, oil, and even put some fuel in it, its just ridiculous, I'm never buying a car from xxxxxxx again' :rolleyes:

if you can buy a new item go for it. reclaimed ones aren't really worth the money, esp for something like this where its not the most straightforward thing to get to and fettle with
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actually it is not the first fault i have had

since i have had the car

initially i changed
air filter
fuel filter
changed numerous oil seals

and faults afterwards
both drive shaft seals
both roller top mounts (well actually they failed on a different car so i used mine as a donor and now have 2 shiny new ones)
i got a filer cap cos mine wouldn't lock that was 2 quid from a scrappy swap the barrels and all is good
and now the master Cylinder

things to come in the near future some new tyres there getting a bit low

pirelis are very cheap in my size
Ok, ive just had mine in the one at keswick.

My filler cap doesnt lock either lol

get one from a scrappy aslong as it looks the same it will work so that means mk1 mk2 bravo brava seichento prety much all the same

check that without it's key the 2 halves of it spin freely otherwise it is broken in much the same fashion

then send me a pm

and ill take a few pictures of how to swap your lock into it

ps you don't even need the key that comes with the donor cap
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