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Jan 21, 2006
how do i know if i have a sei mpi or a sei spi, just i have been looking at air filters and there is a tenner dif!:confused:
looking at your pic it looks like a spi, the filter for a spi is square, the filter for an mpi is round
scotseisporto! said:
how do i know if i have a sei mpi or a sei spi:confused:

he asked how you know? lol, i dont know but ive always wondered, isnt it the mk1/mk2 thing? as in bigger front bumpers for mk2s...

SPI seis made from 1998-01

MPI-01-end of production

MPI seis have facelifted front which includes clear indicators on front and side as standard.

Interior completely refreshed, new colours and rear headrests now included.

MPI sei also includes digital odometer, trip and clock.

Heater control surround is silver rather than the black ''carbon'' colour.

Engine bay redesigned also which includes a new shaped black airbox.

HTH (y)
Yes Apple has it pretty much down. Apart from that the spi (the model you have) had painted coloured side rub strips orange if grey, sliver or black exterior colour and blue strips if yellow and red exterior colour. Mpi's had black plastic rub strips with sporting logo on. Spi also has more mechanical bits from the cinquecento, cinquecento ecu, mpi has a much smaller unit (in my case anyway). Exposed suspension strut tops on the mpi, rubber covers on the spi. Inlet manifold on the mpi is obviously for a multi point set up so visually totally different, throttle bodies different. Mpi has a knock sensor which detects octance rating of fuel, spi does not. Also shorter oil filter by a couple of cm's for mpi, spi sei's are basically rebodied late model cinq sportings, mpi's although have similar basics such as the basic engine block have a lot of other differences, especially on the electrical side!