Technical Replacement Engine now car not sparking

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Technical Replacement Engine now car not sparking


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Sep 3, 2007
Hi all asking this advice for a friends punto,he fitted a secondhand engine to it,it turns over but there is no spark i think it is the 1.2 petrol engine.Sorry if i cant be any more specific,all else that i know is that all the timing marks have been lined up so its not out of timing as he pretty much knows what he's doing with regards to that it is just this that has stumped him,any advice would be greatly appreciated.(y)
When he back in a second i will go ask him if that is on,does it mean that the key needs recoding? Or can you set it yourself
Ok nope the code one is going off,engine management light is staying on he said someone told him about an inertia switch or something but he has already checked that and thats not it,all the electrics have remained the same its only the engine that has been swapped.Any more ideas/help appreciated.
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Already tried both of the ideas above so thats not the cause either any more thoughts/ideas??