Recovering very slowly

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Recovering very slowly

Jan 7, 2012
Well Im still here 2 weeks post operation but my poor old body still doesnt think much of the bashing. My kidney seems to have gone bonkers since the initial problem 2 years ago and weighed in at 1.6Kg so its not a surprise it took a great big hole and a lot of bashing to get it out, Thats the size of a bag of flour! I have now lost another 8lb on top of that so will in the end be a skeleton which will suggest the addition of a turbo to feed bacon butties in at the topis required! That at least is a result. Im now nearly as obsessed about theft of body parts as I am about Pandas. Im getting there slowly and improving each day so Im reckon on 6 weeks should be able to do normal things apart from lifting. I dont like the self administered blodd thinning injections at all!!!!

Sitting here watching the sunshine and revelling in the solar system output its doing about 250% of our demand today thank God it should reduce the bills. I see its quite warm at the inverter in the garage which is nice at this time of year as a little heat in there is good.