Technical Rattle on idle / tick over

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Technical Rattle on idle / tick over


Feb 19, 2005
West Yorkshire
My 1.6 bravo is rattling almost like a diesel on idle, not only when it is cold but sometimes when it has warmed up as well

When I press in the clutch it seems to stop and idle nicely or if I give it a few revs, it settles and stops.

Oil change / Redex needed???

Any input greatly appreciated
Admittedly mine does get a bit stroppy just before service time and judders slightly, which can be felt through the steering wheel (even when kept well topped up with oil). Other problems I've had are blowing exhaust and loose heat shield so those are some things to consider :) At least when it's a problem at idle you can let it run while you investigate it!
you said when you push the clutch the sound goes away! maybe its the geerbox,look if you have oil in it. lucky guess but you can try it.
good luck!
surely its the other way round??? noisy thrust bearing when the clutch is deperessed???

Id say box, although unlikely the noise would go if you rev it, and i couldnt see it affecting idle!
The clutch bearing, when it's worn out, usually makes a horrid screeching noise when you push it down BUT if it's rattling around at tickover and then the noise stops when you push the clutch down which puts a load on it then it's just the sound of the bearing slopping around. They're a little loose so they can self centre on the clutch pressure plate and some seem to rattle more than others on a cold tickover. Mine does it too especially when cold and mine's quite a new bearing with only 20k miles on it

"Sounding likes diesel" on the 1.6 is more often tappet noise, lack of oil as in oil spray bar, worn cams etc BUT putting the clutch down won't affect that so it can't be that. So I'd go with just a rattly clutch bearing
I've got something similar to this - my car normally idles at about 800 revs, but sometimes, for no reason, it'll just drop down, and the car will run really badly. It's even done it while I was changing gear from 4th to 5th on the A34 bypass (which was really scary, just coasting down, starting the engine while moving at a fair rate of knots). Any ideas what it could be?
Yeah, it does - sometimes it'll cut out when I'm sitting at lights, and it actually stalled while I was driving down the bypass on the way to work - I have to be honest, I was bricking it as I restarted it (thinking back, it would've been safer to stop on the side of the road and restart, but hey, I wasn't thinking...)
How is that "something similar" to a rattle at tickover related to the clutch?:)

You may just be out of tune . Check out your air filter, plugs, leads etc renew if in doubt and reset the ECU. See what happens