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Punto Recall


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Jan 23, 2006
has anyone else had theirs recalled because of corroded brakes?
my letters dated december 2005, maybe sophie is older than everyone elses cars
Stuart DemonD said:
Well, if the recall came out in 2001, then you would expect it to be recalled in, er, 2001 :chin:

God ur in a funny moooood to day stu i thought it was only me that had them :p
This recall affects all mk1 puntos.
The letters get re-issued so that none are missed, might be outstanding or might have been done.

The rigid pipes have to be checked and either replaced or have a coating of paint put on them - have done so many of these its not funny.

The recall was issued in '01, but the letters are issued in stages of chassis numbers - just think of all the mk1 puntos there are/were. Fiat also started with just chassis numbers upto p reg - then all others upto last vehicle, now they are starting from beginning again to find any ones missed previously.
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