1.2 palio vs 1.2 punto

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1.2 palio vs 1.2 punto

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Apr 1, 2024
Springs Gauteng
Good evening Fiat friends , i am still a newbie and learning , im from south Africa Gauteng and recently purchased a palio 1.2 mpi.
I would like to change head gasket and sump gasket as i see oil seeping through . my issue is i dont know where to get correct spares ,i asked kotwals on a quote but they quoted on head gasket for fiat punto 1.2.
So heres my question ... are the engines exactly the same or where can i search for correct gaskets? Please advise
Sorry nobody has replied yet so I will :)

I suggested you use ePER on this site.

Use the Models drop down and select Fiat. You will then get another drop down and you can select Palio. This will produce a list od Palio models & years.

Select what you think is your model and on the new Palio model focus page then below the Palio Image is a small "All Variants" link. From there you can select the correct engine.

The other way which might work (ePER is more EU orientated) is to use the Search on the main ePER page. The you can enter your VIN number.

Now for the bit you really need. When you have the catalogue page with the head gasket

e.g. https://eper.fiatforum.com/en/Drawings/Detail/F/F/PAL/PY/101/1/0/0/SubSubGroup?MVS=

select Item 4 and a new details page will appear. On this on the bottom right is a "Drawings" link. Click this and it will list all the other Fiat models that use the same gasket.

In this example I just chose a typical Palio model. You will have to find your exact model and then take the process from there.

Hope this helps.