Punto Not liking Cold!

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Punto Not liking Cold!

Dec 14, 2005
Hiya, i had to bump start (well try to) my punto today when i wanted pizza, its the fourth time in a month its happened, i need a new battery i think, or could it be somethin else, im runnin a fair bit of ICE of it (no pun intended :rolleyes: ) any suggestions on a new battery for my punto?

i used to have that problem when i had my 1.1 engine in wiht battery so i got a new 1 but a bigger 1 and that worked for me
the easiest and cheapest way to get a bigger battery is often opting for a diesel one. make sure the terminals are the same and the dimensions are similar so it will fit under the bonnet though. or you can go and get a decent battery life the optima range that are deep cycle and will be healthy for a long time.

im my fiestas and escort i swapped my battery for a diesel one each time as my stereo was killing the stock ones in time.still got to sort it out on my bravo tho.