Punto rear electric window not working

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Punto rear electric window not working


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Jun 1, 2019
Hi Rear right side window of my 2015 Fiat Punto is not working and it is left half way open. I can only move it up with pushing it with hands but it slides down almost half way after a while. Took it to Fiat service and they quoted my AUD 850 which I think is way too much. Did anyone had this issue and how to get it fixed. I am assuming it could be regulator and I plan to but regulator online and take it to normal mechanic.
I have an earlier Grande Punto with manual rear windows...but in the absence of any other replies here are a few general thoughts...

It could be a mechanical problem (broken cable in the regulator, broken clip between the regulator and glass, etc) or an electrical one (broken wiring in the rubber tube between the door and body, faulty switch, loose connection, regulator motor, etc). Does it still make noises or is it completely dead? Did Fiat Service say what they were going to do for AUD 850?

Have you checked the wiring between the door and body for any sign of a problem?

Have you tried removing the door card to get a look inside? There's a guide here for the Punto Evo (2009-12) that might help:

Evo Rear Door Card Removal & Window Regulator Replacement

Your 2015 model is a facelift of the Evo so should be similar. I think you'll need to disconnect the door switches to remove the card (not mentioned in the above guide as it's for the manual version). Probably a good idea to disconnect the regulator if you're working on it too for safety (you don't want it to start up with your hand in there).

If you don't feel confident about removing the door card I would get a quote from a local mechanic.
Fiat must be fitting a new door and respraying he car for that money.

It's probably (as you say) the regulator has jammed. This can happen when the glass slips out of it's bottom edge fixing. Any reasonable mechanic should have no problems sorting it out.