Technical Punto loss of power?!?

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Technical Punto loss of power?!?


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Nov 12, 2004
Hi everyone

I have a problem with my car. I was driving home about half an hour ago, and when I came off a roundabout I noticed that my car wouldn't accelerate as it usually does. It was hard to depress the accelerator pedal, and the injection system warning light came on. I drove the short distance home, but when I had to change up a gear the car was very slow to respond to my pressing on the accelerator pedal. Also, when I got out of the car I noticed that the engine smelt, quite strongly. The smell is hard to describe but it's one that is not normally there.

Any help or ideas would be really appreciated!

It's a 1108cc. How can I check if it's a head gasket problem or a clutch problem?
Neither problem would ignite the injection light...

It sounds like a fueling issue to me although the smell is curious; what does it smell like (eggs, fish, petrol, kangaroo :D ). Could be a faulty fuel pump or some rubbish in the bottom of the fuel tank has moved (As you have gone round the roundabout) and got into the fuel pump.
The smell is really hard to describe...not fish or eggs or kangaroo though. It smells like burning but without the fire.'s just really strong. It smells like it was hot. How would I fix the problem if it is to do with the fuel tank or the fuel pump? About a year ago the injection warning light came on, although there were no symptoms. The mechanic told me I needed a new fuel injector, but after doing some research I put injection cleaner in and all was fine. Until now anyway!
I would have thought the head gasket blown would bring up the injection/ecu fault light on as the ecu can tell there is something wrong. If you take the coolant cap off is there white sludge on the inside of it? also what colour is the engine oil on the dipstick?
Okay I've checked the coolant cap, no white sludge, and I've checked the colour of the oil, (but the car hasn't been running for a few hours because I'm scared to try turning it over!), and it's the normal colour, but I don't know how reliable checking that is when it's been quiet for hours. How can I check for fuel injection problems?

Thanks for your help so far!
Did you see what temperature it was running at when it occured? Hotter than usual? If it was could be a coolant system issue. Have you checked for leaks around the hoses at all?

You say you've had this before, have you tried putting the old redex in again? it may be that the injector has been living on borrowed time a bit, if your mechanic was right in the first instance.
check the cambelt.

when i had my 55 the tensioner on the cambelt exploded and the belt jumped 3 teeth. no noise from inside the car.

the injection warning light was on and the car felt like i had lost all power.

on a visual inspection, you couldn't really notice. only when the cambelt cover was removed things became apparent.
My mechanic friend came round today and did some tests and he said it's the ignition coil, so I am about to order one!

Thanks very much for all your help,