General Pros and cons of Punto with sunroof ? Your thoughts ?

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General Pros and cons of Punto with sunroof ? Your thoughts ?


Mar 14, 2018
Hi guys, I was wondering what are the pros and cons of owning a Fiat Punto mk2 or mk2b that has a sunroof ?
If you own or owned one, please write your thoughts and would you buy one again ?
Weird question?

Sunroofs were well out of fashion by the early 2000s so very few cars had them (usually quite an expensive optional extra) having owned many cars with sunroofs in the past the benefits are often outweighed by the issues, namely with fiat sunroofs leaking and being impossible to seal leading to rust in other areas.

On a sunny day you can open it and let the sun in. If you don't have air con this can be nice, if you do have aircon you let the hot air in so defeats the object of the exercise in having aircon (says the person who now drives a convertible with the roof down and the aircon on)

I am sure I must have seen a Mk2 with a sunroof at some point? probably driven one or two but I cannot for the life of me remember the configuration, I thinks its only a glass panel that pops up at the back or the glass has to be taken out manually to open it up fully.

Really the question is what do you want or what benefit do you see in having a sunroof, other people's experience is largely irrelevant.
I have sunroof on my HGT Punto. I have to admit, I really like it. You can lift the back up or slide the whole thing inside via a switch. There's also a cover for it if you don't want to see the sky but I've never used it. It makes the inside so much brighter in daylight, the car feels much larger in some way compared to my other Punto
Ensure there’s no rust around the ‘pan’ and as long as the drains are clear and assuming you don’t need the extra headroom you’ll be fine.